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ss maheno shipwreck

Fraser Island Tour Locations

Fraser Island Tour Locations Learn about all Fraser Island Tour Locations Listed on your selected tour Fraser Island Tour Locations are one of the nicest places in the world where you can explore and enjoy your time in the beauty of Nature. And there’s a reason for that. Despite being a popular tourist location, it’s...
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Cheap Fraser Island Tours!

FRASER ISLAND TOURS JUST GOT EASIER AND CHEAPER! (Updated Fraser Island Tour List February 2020) All Fraser Island Tours are Owned bye an experienced Local with over 10 years Fraser Island Experience,  I hope to provide a wonderful and enjoyable Fraser Island Tour without a compromise on your budget. You can now enjoy a discount...
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Why Visit Fraser Island?

Fraser Island Tours? Why you need to pack your bags and leave for Fraser Island. Right Now! Are you planning a vacation in Australia? but you are still not sure where to go first? Don’t worry, we got you covered! All Fraser Island Tours Offers, The most amazing Australian holiday would be incomplete without a...
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Wanggoolba Creek

Wanggoolba Creek – Flows 30 Minutes inland at Central Station awaits the surreal experience of Wanggoolba Creek. A 20 minute walk along a board walk allows visitors to experience the slow flowing crystal clear freshwater, containing a number of species of fish, turtles and eels. Flora lovers will enjoy stopping at the viewing platform of...
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The S.S Maheno Shipwreck

SS Maheno Shipwreck Maheno Shipwreck is Fraser Island’s resident shipwreck. It sits on the shore of 75 Mile Beach, where is has lived since 1935. The S.S Maheno suffered a disastrous fate that led her to the shores of Fraser. In a previous life the Maheno operated as a luxury passengers ship, beginning her career...
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Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby Fraser Islands Green Lake/Perched lake Lake Wabby is one of the many freshwater lakes on Fraser Island. It is easily identified by its rich green colour and its half-moon shape, bordered by sand and dense rainforest. The Lake can be found on the banks of the Hammerstone sandblow on the eastern side of...
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Boorangoora – Lake McKenzie

Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island  (Aboriginal name Lake Boorangoora)  Lake McKenzie is Fraser Island’s Favorite Lake destination! This popular perched lake it located inland from Eurong Resort in the middle of the island, and is one of the islands many perched lakes. The lake is known not only for being great for swimming, but for its beauty...
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Lake Birrabeen

Lake Birrabeen Lake Birrabeen is a famous lake that can be found on Fraser Island off the East Coast of Australia. Much like the island’s most famous lake, Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen is surrounded by white sandy shores and is brimming with cool crystal clear waters. Lake Birrabeen is a perched lake, meaning it is...
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Indian head fraser island

Indian Head Lookout

Indian Head Lookout Most 2 & 3 Day Tours to Fraser Island + Sunrover Exclusive Day Tour Indian Head is the most easterly point on Fraser Island, a sand island off the east coast of Australia. It is one of the many places on Fraser Island that is visited by thousands of tourists every year...
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Eli Creek

Fraser Island Eli Creek The most popular creek in the entire Fraser Island is known as Eli Creek. It is arguably the largest creek towards the east of Fraser Island. Eli Creek forms a river filled with fresh water and runs through the entire sand dunes and the rainforest. It is a must visit for...
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Central Station

Fraser Island Central Station Most Tours Head to Central Station to Visit a number of Locations Central Station is one of the many sought after stops on Fraser Island. Situated in the heart of the island in the middle of the rainforest, Central Station holds historical significance to Fraser Island and is a favourite stop...
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