Map of Fraser Island

Travelling to Fraser Island

There are no bridges to Fraser Island therefore the only way to access the island is via vessel or aircraft. Visitors wishing to camp on the island or bring their own 4WD vehicle are advised to take a vehicle barge in order to bring all equipment with them.

Fraser Island Is Accessable Via – Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, Noosa, Tin Can Bay, River Heads and Inskip Point.

Passenger ferries and private tour operated vessels also service the island and these can be arranged at the time of booking. For those wishing to arrive at the island in style, chartered helicopter transfers are also available with light aircraft able to land on the beach.

4wd Tour Adventures are a great way to explore the island at all ages, there are many different tours that will accommdate your style. (use the Compare Tool on Our Website).

Make sure to check your Tour Information & Departure Location, to make sure you end up at the correct location, On time.

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